Sam, You Are Receiving A Call

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"Sam, you are receiving a call," noted Dawn, sighing. "Sam. Sam, you need to get up now." Wrapped in all nine of her tails, Sam had no intention of getting up. By far, her favorite part of Quercasia, at least in the mornings and at night, was how soft the beds were. For someone who had grown up sleeping on top of stone with a little hay, the comfort of a bed was a luxury she adored. Nonetheless, her roommate wasn 't all too interested in her stillness. She had a mission, and that mission was to get her best friend out of bed. "Samantha?" she asked one more time, "If you don 't get out of bed, I will do something you won 't like. I 'll have you know that I have discovered how to use the freezer. I will place my horn inside of it,…show more content…
After having shoved half of a waffle drowning in maple syrup down her throat, she said her goodbyes to Dawn and was out of the house. Heading off for the nearby trolley, she discovered that she was standing in front of the training hall in only a matter of minutes. Anxiously stepping into the building, she had no idea as to what would be happening. Other than the fact that Edgar was there, which made the trip worth it for her, she was totally clueless as to what he was planning. Needless to say, she stepped into the training hall anyway without a second thought. Spying around the room, she found Edgar with his sword up, practicing his thrusts with a dummy. He was able to make ten slices with his cutlass in five seconds, each slice perfectly straight and parallel to the others. His technique was so perfect that he may as well have been cutting plaid lines into the thing. "S-Sallo, Edgar?" called out Sam. Edgar turned out, purring so loudly that it could be heard from twenty feet away. "Miss Sam!" he called. "You 're here!" Grinning, she ran up to him, her tails flowing around like a sea anemone. Once the two finally met, they embraced each other, happily sighing. Ever since Victor passed away, they had barely made contact, but all of their worries melted away. "It 's so good to see you, Edgar..." "It 's wonderful to see you too, Miss Sam..." he
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