Sam 's Club : The World 's Largest Retail Companies

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Sam’s club is one of the world’s largest retail companies. It is a membership warehouse chain by Wal-Mart. It is committed to offering good quality services and products. Sam’s club has their own goal to ensure that they meet or exceed their expectations on quality, services, and performance. Sam’s club has 100% Membership and Merchandise Satisfaction Guarantee programs. It is only available exclusively for current members only. By doing this membership plan, we can get instant saving coupons, cash rewards, every month they do health screenings for free, daily “Tips and Tastes”, and cash back in Master Card. In order to keep all these things together, they have some excellence leaders to work for this company. Total together they have…show more content…
Not only that, it has expanded in many other countries which are Brazil, China, and Mexico. Sam’s Club also offers several opportunities services to the needs of small businesses. To run a business we will always need these following categories- such as HR, payroll, legal laws, accounting, digital marketing, and health care needs and they all plays a big role in all major and small businesses. Sam’s Club has more than 100,000 employees in the United States and Puerto Rico. In this case, 75% of employees get promoted from hourly positions and more than 20,000 employees get promoted every year. Small business can be the backbone of the America economy. Small business helps get economy growth and succeed in life. To keep Sam Walton’s dream successful, the former CEO Rosalind Brewer had the best crew of people who worked hard alongside with her. Their entire goal was to make Sam 's Club great again. Good leaders must carry a great characteristic because good leaders will always listen and support their entire crew. Leaders must treat others with respect, also must be able to support the decisions of others, and they also involve others in their planning process. As Mr. Sam said, “Our philosophy has always been simple,” he once said. “We are the agents for our customers” (“Our History”, n.d.). The Telling or Directing style As a leader or follower, we must always set our goal in order to achieve something. Every leader has their individual style of

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