Samaid Meals Analysis

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A 43-year-old woman lies about her age and falls for a younger man who doesn’t know the truth.

SALAD DAYS is a script that presents with an enjoyable, high concept premise. The idea of an older woman pretending to be a younger woman and lying to her boyfriend/husband is a great setup for comedy, conflict, and character development. One can envision the antics and capers the protagonist will endure to keep her age a secret. Plenty of humor can be generated.
The script has the opportunity to examine themes about ageless love and the age gap between men and women.
While the concept is solid, the first act requires more development.
The first act sets up the ordinary world of the protagonist, Suzy. She works for a candy company,
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It’s unclear why Suzy would say: “Don’t you have a girlfriend?”
The conversation on page 29 isn’t very compelling: “Do you find me desirable?”
On page 30, it’s not clear why Valentino would ask, “What dating site?” given they met on a dating site.
The scene in the hospital with the baby works better without the added dialogue. Just the visual of Suzy holding the baby is needed, vs. Valentino asking her “Want a baby too?”
Create a separate scene about being evicted versus the same scene with them in the car.
Suzy is sweet. She’s definitely good hearted and likable. She’s insecure and this makes her vulnerable. She has inner conflict about her age. She has good potential to be a comedic character, but continue to develop her comedic side by showing how she covers up the truth about her age. Make sure to identify how she grows as a character and how her feelings about her age changes.
Bob and Diane are both great sidekicks. They sound and act like natural comedic characters.
Valentino is more likable when he’s a bit on edge. Don’t make him too nice. There’s no tension in that. To create tension and chemistry there has to be resistance. He becomes way too immature and
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