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Imagine that you are with the person of your dreams. They are smart, sweet, intelligent, your parents even approve of them. You have gotten to the point in your relationship where you want to have a family, but like lots of families in the US, you are not able to conceive a child, so you do what any loving couple would do, you try to adopt a child. You get dressed up, get your papers together and go to the adoption agency only to find out that it is illegal for you to adopt a child.
One of the most controversial issues surrounding American today is allowing same-sex couples to adopt a child. Over the last decade, America has seen a frequent number of people “come out” in their lives. Because of this, we have seen more
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Which leaves 35 states where gay couples aren’t sure how likely an adoption petition will pass (Ruggeri). For over 30 years Florida has been very outspoken about their views on gay, especially ever since Anita Bryant was campaigning against gay and lesbian rights in 1977. Florida courts argue that “children are better off raised in a two parent heterosexual household” (Beige). There are no proven facts that children are raised better with straight parents. It should be the other way around, Beige proves with “scientific studies show children who’ve been raised with one or two parents who are gay or lesbian fare just as well emotionally and socially.” Beige also states that critics who are against gay adoption will argue children who are raised by gay or lesbian parents will be subjected to harassment and ridicule. Then again, aren’t the majority of children subject to being harassed in school?
According to the Rainbows Families Council there research has found that gender role behavior is the same i.e. children playing the gender typical games, same games such as football, basketball, and also found no difference in the child in academically intelligence and physically. Also they found that the children’s emotional function was no different. Along with Rainbows Families Council, Paige Averett, an assistant professor of social work at East Carolina University, said in a statement, “We found that sexual orientation of the adoptive parents
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