Same Sex Education Is The Wrong Choice For America 's Youth

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Despite what many think, same-gender schools are starting to show up in public school systems across America. (Guarisco) Some ill-informed members of society believe that same-sex education is the wrong choice for America’s youth. Guarisco states arguments include that segregation leads to more rigid and traditional gender roles. However, schools that have implemented same-gender classes have seen promising results in grades and more support for same-gender education. Also, if a child wishes to attend a single-sex school in America, it must be voluntary. (Guarisco) For American public school systems, same-gender education would be more advantageous because of the higher test scores, decrease in distractions from the opposite gender, and adapting curriculum.
Higher test scores achieved by same-gender schools show promise that a majority of co-ed schools do not. In Huntington, Indiana, Riverview Middle School saw poor grades in the language arts classes, especially in male students. When the Riverview Principal worked with the language arts teachers to separate classes according to gender, the staff saw all the students’ scores improve. (Morello) In his article “New Voices”, David Chadwell concluded the following statistics. In mathematics “Fourteen schools showed higher achievement for single-gender girls than co-ed girls, and in only three schools did coed girls achieve higher than their counterparts in single-gender classes” as well as “For boys, thirteen schools showed…

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