Same Sex Marriage : A Social Struggle Between Traditional And Modern Viewpoints

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Same-Sex Marriage Imagine living a life where everything you do is looked down upon, a life in which your rights are limited even in a "free country", a life in where you are belittled simply because of one choice, the choice of a same-sex relationship. All around the world there is a social struggle between traditional and modern viewpoints pertaining same-sex marriage. Some fight for the advancement of homosexual relationships, while others would prefer they be non-existent. But in the end, as Americans who strive for liberty and justice for all, we should accept each and every individual and treat them as equals in an effort to strive for the greater good regardless of the fact that you do not agree with the life decisions that they have chosen. Though this matter does not directly affect me, there are many people around us that are affected and I feel that it is our duty to make them feel comfortable in all of their endeavors. I have watched many people being chastised simply because of their participation in same-sex relationships. Growing up, I had an older step-sister whom I idolized. We did everything together from play dress-up to talk about guys. For six years she hid the fact that she was in a same-sex relationship from me and from the rest of my family. I witnessed the entirety of the after-math of her opening up to us. Only then did I understand why she kept quiet for so long. I sat and watched as my sister was kicked-out by her father, shunned by some family
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