Same Sex Marriage And The Rise Of Minority Population

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Up until now most research studies and experiments have mainly focused on a very specific set of demographics. These demographics are in respect to sex, race, and sexuality, meaning that most studies conducted in the past used a largely male, Caucasian, and or heterosexual participant base. These kinds of samples are not truly indicative of the populations they are meant to represent, at least not anymore. It would be beneficial to begin conducting research with a broader spectrum of participants considering the legalization of same-sex marriage and the rise of the minority population, it would be beneficial for future scientific endeavors and discoveries. As aforementioned, most studies conducted in the past focused primarily on white heterosexual males, as such they did not accurately represent the population. Today’s society has become very insistent upon including all peoples in everything and the push to be more politically correct in public and interpersonal dealings. As such, it has become increasingly more apparent that there is a need for a more varied and representative participant sample in research. This is, even more, true in regards to studies concerning relationships, courting rituals, sexual history, and sexual behaviors. Some studies seem to only focus exclusively on heterosexual relationships, especially in regards to relationship quality and therapy (Carson, Carson, Gil, & Baucom, 2007; Wachs & Cordova, 2007). Both of the aforementioned studies were
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