Same Sex Marriage Disagreement

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Same Sex Marriage Disagreement The definition of marriage is the state of being united to a person of the opposite sex as husband or wife in a consensual and contractual relationship recognized by law (Merriam-Webster). This dignified act is under constant threat by lesbian and gay couples protesting for equal rights in marriage. Same sex marriage should be prohibited in the United States because the act will evoke multitudes of problems that will be impossible to manage. The plentiful list of arguments against same sex marriage outweighs its opposite in all areas. For example, the case is commonly viewed as that if the couple is in love, they should be allowed to marry. Love is not the only deciding factor people analyze on why to get…show more content…
Other farfetched ideas are being brought up because of the thought of same sex marriage. “Gay rights activists claim that these marriages should be allowed because it does not hurt anyone, but it could start a chain reaction that destroys the whole idea of marriage. If someone wants to marry his dog, why shouldn't he be able to? What if someone wants to marry their brother or parent? What if someone wants to marry their blow-up doll or have 10 wives?” (Messerli) The legalization of same sex marriage plays a huge role in the future outlook of the world and more changes to be made in the ways the United States conducts itself. The children of the United States stand as a large issue in the decision of legalization (‘Proposition 8’). Children need a healthy home lifestyle in order to be successful and prosper in the real world. A mother and a father can provide that healthy lifestyle for their child. This process is the norm and it portrays a positive exposure to loving care of the couple’s child/children in union, religious faithfulness, and sets a good example that in the future the child is more likely to follow than a same sex marriage household would show (Dailey). This type of normal behavior is extremely beneficial in the long and short run for the child/children, commonly taken for granted and much needed in today’s society. On the topic of admitting same sex marriage, “It confuses children about
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