Same Sex Marriage

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Gay Couples Should Have the Same Rights As Married Couples

PHI 210
June 6, 2013

Same-sex marriage is a topic that has become increasingly more debatable throughout time. America has been said to be the “land of the free,” but when it comes to homosexual couples, it is far from that. If same-sex marriage was legalized, many positive outcomes could emerge from it; the society would be closer to equality, adoption would increase, gained social support for families would develop, and it would positively affect the economy and tax revenues. In 1993, the first national debate was made in regards to same-sex marriage, which occurred in Hawaii. According to the National Conference of State Legislature (2013), Hawaii
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The second statement implies that individuals become who they are exposed to, which is a hasty generalization and there is no evidence to back that statement. Janice Langbehn was able to bring the importance of same sex couple benefits to the public eye. Janice Langbehn was denied access to visit her dying partner in the hospital. Thereafter, President Obama apologized to Janice and informed her of the Presidential Memorandum that was previously signed, which is the extension of benefits to same-sex domestic partners. With that being said, same sex couples should be issued the same benefits as heterosexual couples.
Same sex couples can also produce financial gain for both local and state governments because of the generation of tax revenue. This allows the economy to benefit from the legalization of same-sex marriage. According to Jerome Nathaniel (2012), since same-sex marriages were legalized in New York, anywhere from 7,200 to 8,200 gay couples have gotten married in the city; the marriages have brokered in 200,000 out-of-towners, $259 million in economic activity and $16 million in taxes. Even though same-sex marriage should be an equal right, the impact same-sex marriage will make on the economy is significant, which is more than enough reason to legalize it.
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