Same Sex Marriage

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Same-sex marriage has continuously been contradicted throughout our nation and so the arguments never seem to cease. Some argue the legality of same-sex marriage while others suggest that it compromises the sacredness of marriage. Various religious groups and their supporters in the U.S. tend to either support same-sex marriage or greatly oppose it, depending on their viewpoints and beliefs. Thus, the constant, bitter arguments between these parties.
These two groups constantly argue over the validity of same-sex marriage and never seem to come to an agreement. Each group presents valid and reasonable arguments to support their belief. Both hold their beliefs strongly and, therefore, aren’t willing to compromise. Those opposing claim that
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The reason for this is because people have been taught that only a relationship between a man and a woman should exist. The thought of anything else is repulsive. How could a man be with a man and a woman with a woman? It’s disgusting to imagine that these people don’t care about the rest of the population. They are being selfish and sending out the wrong message to everyone. Society has a specific mindset and, therefore, has guidelines for the way people should behave. Legalizing same-sex marriage contradicts these guidelines and this immoral behavior affects everyone and causes them to be uncomfortable with the idea of same-sex marriages. Marriage is a legal contract:
Marriage is legally defined as, “a legal contract entered into between a man and woman who intend to become husband and wife. Marriage creates a legal relationship between husband and wife with rights and obligations governed by state law. Requirements for marriage vary from state to state, but usually require a man and woman to pay a minimal fee and apply for a marriage license from a county court clerk in the state in which they plan to be married.”11 This definition states that marriage is bonded by a legal contract that has a requirement of paying a minimum fee and applying for a marriage license, which allows the states to recognize it. If

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