Same Sex Marriage Has Become Legal And The View On Lgbtq Essay

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In eighteenth and nineteenth century Europe, also known as the Enlightenment Era, same sex behaviors were typically seen in a negative light. Sometimes even punished due to laws that were in place at the time, sodomy laws. Somewhere in the 1920s people began to assume that homosexuality could be changed through psychology. This movement was so popular at the time that even Freud stated that homosexuality could sometimes be removed through hypnotic suggestion. However, this fact was disproven by United States Surgeon General David Satcher in a report, “there is no valid scientific evidence that sexual orientation can be changed.” Since this time same-sex marriage has become legal and the view on LGBTQ seems to have shifted, at least in a majority. Each culture has its own beliefs and perceptions when it comes to homosexuality. In the United States, those perceptions differ between lesbian or gay, as parents, across cultures, and in education.
When those with different perceptions get together, it could be beneficial to see things from the other’s point of view, or it could be detrimental and cause some sort of fight. However, the biggest detriment could be with the person who is a homosexual, negative effects on health and well-being of this individual. (American Psychological Association, 2008) The biggest concern has more to do with their significant mental health concerns that come with such a prejudice of the sexual orientation discrimination. (American Psychological
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