Same Sex Marriage Is A Powerful Impact On Their Lives

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“Im not straight, and I 'm not gay. I don 't like the terms ‘queer’, ‘bisexual’ or ‘pansexual’. I 'm tired of sexual labels altogether. I just want to be who I am and not have to explain myself to anyone.” “Sometimes, I feel as though I will never find someone who loves me.” These are some of the thoughts of people worldwide. “I want to belong somewhere too”, or “I will never find someone who loves me.” How many of you have ever felt like that? How many of you know someone who has felt like that? Being categorized as a non-gender has a powerful impact on their lives. The people who are categorized, have to hide their true identity and fake who they are. There are many people around us that are faking their sexual orientation. Sadly, the…show more content…
Many major religions such as Muslim and buddhism oppose homosexuality. (Wikapedia)

Same-sex marriage should be allowed in China, and people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender should have the same right to marriage as straights. Being LGBT, as well as many other sexualities, is not a choice that you can wake up and make one day. Nor can you wake up one day and decide to change your sexuality. There was once in China where a man suffered electric shock therapy meant to “cure” his homosexuality. The court compensated for the damages, but the man was scarred from that experience. (BBC)

Firstly, same-sex marriage is not legalized specifically in China, hense the LGBT community have to hide their identity and mask who they really are. The case I am focusing on is between two gay men from China. Sun Wenlin and Hu Mingliang. Marriage in China was mandatory, so much that even Hu Mingliang’s previous male lovers tried to set him up with females for him to be accepted (NDVT). Following that, many people did not discuss their gender or sexuality with family, and some even feel that it would be safer to “play it straight” (NDTV). The people with different sexuality would lie to their parents about their orientation because they were afraid, because they HAD to be afraid and cautious at all time fearing they would not belong. Afraid because their parents might be disappointed in them. Being set up with someone of the opposite gender by your significant other and having
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