Same-Sex Marriage Is Unnatural

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Traditional marriage supporters will have you believe that marriage is a natural, pre-political institution and between a man and a wife only. Anything that forms or occurs before the creation of society as we know it would signify that its meaning is beyond redefining by our evolving political and social systems of present. Before I try to defend why I believe marriage is in fact a political institution in need of expansion, I first want to talk about the essential qualities that keep our system working and moving forward.
Our political system is a way to serve checks and balances to members of society so that one group’s opinions aren’t the rule without discussion from other members. It is not a perfect system and sometimes (maybe most of the time) it would appear that the same groups of people keep coming up on top and in control of how society is molded and laws that are made.
The point is that America’s political institutions do and are constantly changing. Certain differences between people, obvious ones such as race, class and sex have been brought up in public conversations because at one point there were laws the prohibited “disadvantaged” groups from receiving fair and equal treatment (Lalik & Hinchman, 2001). I say disadvantage because at one point these groups were thought of a dependent or not superior to others. This affected how a.) A group would be stigmatized in a negative way b.) Others groups including other minorities viewed them and c.) This
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