Same-Sex Marriage Essay

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Forty-two years ago, the United States Supreme Court unanimously voted against the laws of Virginia that banned interracial marriage, officially ending years of oppression towards couples of different races (Loving). Yet today, decades after the civil rights movement, another form of subjugation is plaguing America. This subjugation is of the homosexual community, as most states ban same-sex marriage and refuse to even recognise it. Opponents of same-sex marriage state several reasons as to why it should not be permitted, however, these arguments often prove to be based on opinion and personal faith rather than reason and legality. The supposedly valid reasons others give to argue against same-sex marriage are mal-informed, and, in fact, …show more content…
Bestiality would not only increases the risk of spreading as well as receiving infections or illnesses (Alice), but also would allow the sexual abuse of uncompliant animals. Pedophilia would allow the sexual abuse of children who, whether uncompliant or otherwise, would be unaware of the implications of marriage to an adult. Same-sex marriage would not result in any of these possibilities, as it would allow only the marriage of two adults, consenting in marriage and its implied practices. Another positition taken on the same-sex marriage debate is that the Bible prohibits the marriage between two men or two women. There are two disputes to this allegation. The first is made mostly by Christians, those of whom support same-sex marriage or are themselves homosexual. Biblical scripture, they say, never specifically condemns same-sex marriage. This is important because "when a commandment or injunction occurs in the Bible it is stated explicitly...." Admittedly, this argument is faulty at best, because it mainly questions the wording of scripture, not its intent. However, the second possible argument against the Biblical defense is not so insubstantial. Several polygamists can be found in the Bible, two of which are Abraham and Moses (Polygamists). As mentioned earlier,

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