Same Sex Marriage Should Be Legal

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Love Is Love Same sex marriage is now allowed in all states across the country. But it took years and years for this “issue” to be finally laid to rest. The first state to legalize same-sex marriage was Massachusetts in 2004. There was not a last state to legalize gay marriage. The supreme court realized how many states were now legalizing it, so they just had all of the states left legalize it as well. supplies information that “Twenty-six states were forced to legalize gay marriage because it was the court 's decision, eight by state legislators, three by popular vote, twelve by state law, and one by constitutional amendment (Par 1). Some positive outcomes now that it is legal to marry the same sex is that the adoption process will be easier, and gay suicides will lower. Now that same sex marriage is legal, discrimination rates should decrease.
Adopting a child has always been difficult for gay couples. The LGBT has worked long and hard for this moment of equality to come. Thankfully, it is here. There are still some who might be against this, but it is their opinion. Now that it is official, the process for adopting a child will become easier. Just because they prefer a same sex relationship, does not mean that their ability to raise a child is destroyed. If a social worker had a straight, married couple, and a gay, non-married couple, then the social worker would seven times out of ten times choose the straight, married couple. The reason for this is…

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