Same Sex Marriage Should Be Legal

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Imagine you have been with your better half for years and you have now decided that you want to marry that person and spend the rest of your life with them, but you can’t because you’re the same sex. For years this has been the struggle for many same sex couples. The same basic right to share your bond with your loved one for the rest of the world to see through paper and ring has been denied by law and church, until June of 2015. Some argue that they had the opportunity to combine in what is known as a civil union. But this type of marriage union only gives them legal protections as a couple but only on the state level. Which means no federal protections and move to another state and those same protections no longer imply to you. In this paper I want to show you the facts of why I feel same-sex marriage is the right thing to do. I believe that same sex marriage should be legal because couples should be able to show their commitment to each other regardless of gender, couples that are committed and have families should be legally allowed to claim each other, and religion should not be able to state who has the right to love whom. In my research I have come to agree that marriage should not deal with just certain genders. While most agree that based on the Bible a marriage is a contract between a man and woman for reproduction purposes thus making a marriage including two men or two women against Biblical law. But as research has shown the legalization of gay marriage has

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