Same Sex Marriage Should Be Legal

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David Henry Ms. Moraites/Ms. Powell ELA 10 15 April 2015 Same-Sex Marriage In today’s world the idea of same-sex marriage for same-sex couples has been largely denied by many states. A same-sex couple is when two individuals of the same sex either man or woman are involved in a relationship. However they are unable to make it official since marriage is one of many rights and opportunities denied to them in society. This topic is controversial because homosexuals are seen almost everywhere with prejudice eyes and discrimination in toll because they are physically/emotionally involved with someone of the same gender. Same-sex couples should be granted the same rights and opportunities as heterosexual couples in society. A common argument is…show more content…
For example, a conservative republican may follow the rules of the bible. In the bible it highlights the importance of man/woman relations, and any physical relationship that cannot result in reproduction is considered unnatural. In addition, this isn’t just anchored to one city, state, or country but is a global occurrence. The overwhelming support from all of the world against the idea of same-sex unions has resulted in the denial of rights to homosexuals and the discrimination that comes with the denial of those rights. This tradition of heterosexual marriage that has been held for many centuries between a man and woman, and with the homosexual community trying to change this, its changing a way of life that has aided in the reproduction of most species. Some who are against same-sex marriage feel like homosexuality is anti-god and the breeding ground for an unholy way of life. On the other hand, someone with an opposing view would argue that even though this tradition is considered sacred, time, environment, and society changes things around us. An argument could state “isn’t god as a being said to love all, so why fight against the rights of homosexuals just because their way of life differs from those who are heterosexual. Also, why have their right to marriage denied because they happen to live a different lifestyle. It is said all men are created equal. We as a society are not reinforcing that belief when we discriminate against
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