Same Sex Marriage Should Not Be Legalized

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~ Busse Same-Sex Debate Essay ~ Ever since the time when America studied family values and focused on healthy and important influences, marriage was considered to be between man and woman holding a physical and spiritual bond between each other, not between man and man and woman and woman. Some may see marriage as between two people of the same gender, or what is known as same-sex marriage. This form of marriage became popular in the U.S. during the 1960’s and 1970’s due to the urge of legalization coming from many American citizens at the time. (“The Long Road to Marriage Equality”) The topic creates controversy due to the fact that many believe this subject disagrees with most religions and because it defies the morals that our country used to follow. Same-sex marriage is unacceptable and should not be legalized (although it already is), for the influence that it possesses can be destructive in many ways.
For example, same-sex marriage is considered unjust and sinful, it is unsupported by many religions, it could lure the future generation with the misguided idea of same-sex marriage, and, lastly, reproduction (of children) does not come with these kinds of relationships and marriages. To begin with, same-sex marriage is not supported by most religions because it morphs the definition of true marriage and is thought to be a sin. Many people who are a part of some religion around the world believe that this statement is true, due to the thought of a spousal…
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