Essay about Same-Sex Marriage and Adoption Should Be Legal

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Same-sex marriage and adoption should be legal, it should be allowed in every state, everywhere. As of 2014, only 17 states have legalized marriage rights to same-sex couples. The other 34 states have banned gay marriage through law, constitutional amendments, or both. For example, the Pennsylvania Governor won’t challenge overturning of same-sex marriage ban. State Attorney General Kathleen Kane has also announced that she will not defend Pennsylvania's same-sex marriage ban because of what she believes is "the unconstitutionality of this law." Marriage is a uniquely important institution. Despite all the changes in society, the commitment of two people to each other is still seen as special. As of 2014, 21.2% of adopted children are taken in by same-sex couples.

Regardless of sexuality, marriage and adoption should be open to everyone. We all have the right to equality despite our sexuality, race, gender, etc. Marriage is a very important special part of life. We should be ensuring that all couples who wish to be married, can do so. Therefore, homosexuals should have the same freedom of marriage heterosexuals have. In the article, Backlash the topic on religion vs. same sex marriage comes up. “The same sex marriage debate reveals some fundamental splits in the religious community.” (Gatehouse,5)

As a society, I believe we should work together to build a culture and set of public policies that honor marriage and include all. There should be no discrimination…