Same-Sex Marriage in Modern Society

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Same-Sex Marriage in Modern Society Many same-sex couples want to be granted the right to legally marry. The reason is simple: They are in love with each other. They want to honor their relationship in the greatest way society has to offer, by making a public commitment stand together in good times and bad life brings. While they receive some state-level protections, they do not receive most of the Federal emotional and economic benefits and protections of marriage. They are denied their right to equal protection, both under the US Constitution and some state constitutions. The paper will point out that supporting gay marriage by means of legal recognition is the most appropriate form of recognition of the same-sex partnerships, because it eliminates discrimination promoted by the federal and some states' level. Referring to state court decisions of 2009 and 2012 and the well-known 2003 Lawrence vs. Texas decision of the Supreme Court, the paper will show that, currently very mixed pictures regarding the legality of the same-sex marriage on the Federal and (some) states' level urgently requires a solution by means of a nationwide legal recognition of the phenomenon. In its final parts, the paper will introduce opposing arguments and reasons on how to encounter them. I would recommend the policy of legal recognition of gay marriages as the most appropriate form of recognition of the same sex partnerships. Reason being, gay persons do not enjoy most of the federal and

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