Same Sex Marriages Should Be Legal Essay

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The federal government should get involved on the issue over same-sex

marriages. Same-sex marriages should be legal nation wide. It is time that the

government follows the Golden Rule to treat others as you want to be treated. The

Constitution states equal justice for all, and therefore the government should pursue the

fight to end marriage discrimination nation wide. Due to the conflicting problems in the

different states the federal government should have the final word on same-sex


Same-sex marriage permits couples of the same gender to enter into legally

recognized marriage and provides them with the same legal rights as couples in

heterosexual marriages. Opponents of same-sex marriages argue that the institution of

marriage should apply to unions between one man and one woman. Allowing gay couples

to marry opponents say it undermines the institution of marriage itself. Some who object

to same sex marriages support the idea of civil union rather than marriages of the same

sex. Advocates say that such unions are not fully equivalent to marriage and deprive

same- sex couples of equal rights. The legislation of gay marriages is a controversial

issue in many states in our country. Same-sex marriages should be permitted in all 50


Most of the action taken in the gay marriage debate has been through court cases

mounted by gay couples who demand the right to marry. An important aspect of couples

bringing cases to court

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