Essay on Same-Sex Parenting

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Same-Sex Parenting Since the early 1900s, homosexual people have become increasingly popular and greatly resisted. People that are homosexual face barriers placed upon them by the political system and society. Due to these challenges, homosexuals fought to have the same marital and parental rights as heterosexual people. Same-sex adoption is not prohibited in most states in the United States of America and many places worldwide. Family is not determined solely on blood relations and should be legalized in all parts of the world; because homosexual parents are just as good as heterosexual parents, if not better, and can provide an enriching second chance for many children waiting to be adopted. Homosexual parents exhibit parenting…show more content…
These desires will translate into parenting by a homosexual person or couple because when their child is experiencing an internal conflict, whether it is about self-identity or sexual orientation; a homosexual parent will be able to sympathize and relate to the child more because they have experienced it as well, thus, making the child feel comfortable to talk to their parent and feel understood. Many heterosexual parents fail in this aspect and make their child feel disconnected from them because many heterosexual parents are usually not open to these types of issues. Children of homosexual parents feel less pressure placed on them from gender stereotypes. After all, homosexuals do not fall into traditional gender roles so they would have fewer expectations on the children to act like their biological gender role than a heterosexual parent would. For example, I was waiting in line at an event and there was a mother waiting with her children as well, a girl and a younger boy. The girl took a toy away from the boy and he began crying. The mother became annoyed by his crying and yelled at him “STOP CRYING LIKE A LITTLE GIRL!” The little boy became sadder but stopped crying shortly after. By the mother making that comment to her son she took away his opportunity to be himself and express his emotions as a human being. Society has been determined crying as an act for girls and discourage it in boys because it makes them “weak.” A homosexual parent would be less likely
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