Same Sex Parenting and Children Essay

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There are critics who feel that the stigma in our society toward gays being accepted is a conflict of issues. This form of relation may affect the welfare of a child’s upbringing. The prospect of a nontraditional upbringing in a same-sex partnership, or marriage ought to be a problem when raising children. Some feel that there is no real negative influence that this form of parenting has on a child. Politics has raised concern, but there is a limited amount of research in this area to corroborate this concern. Should same-sex marriage be an issue when raising children? Some states such as Massachusetts, Vermont, and Connecticut have legalized the holy union between two people; other states offer civil unions, and several offer…show more content…
She had been the victim of ridicule growing up under the care of two parents of the same sex. She has personally dealt with discrimination in her own personal lifestyle, but obviously overcame adversity in choosing her sexual orientation later in life. She claims her reasoning behind being gay is that all guys are dogs and women are more affectionate than men. Jessica claims she loved her parents growing up and was nurtured and got tons of support from them (Jessica). There have been several studies conducted within the last decade on gay and lesbian parents. The studies are limited and inconsistent with people who insist this form of parenting is not in the best interest of a child (Wheeler). They found that the outcome of a same sex household is no better or worse than for children raised in a traditional household. No one knows the exact number of children in the United States that are being raised by at least one parent who is a homosexual. It is estimates that the range could be from 1 to 9 million (Carpenter). Jose Rivera a young man in his mid twenties had been adopted by a male gay couple. He is a heterosexual male that likes girls. In fact, he has a wife and two children and claims at no point in his life did he feel insecure about his sexuality, nor did his parents have any negative influence on him. He did have a step brother who did choose to be gay, and he claims his parents did have some influence over his adopted brother. He
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