Same Sex Relationships

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There is no doubt that there are many different points of views when it comes to same-sex relationships, and today we will discuss this controversial topic. But first, what is a same sex relationship? A same-sex relationship is defined by Wikipedia as “A same-sex relationship can take on many forms, from romantic and sexual, to non-romantic close relationships between two persons of the same gender.” (same-sex relationship) Same-sex relationships have been frowned upon by the church since the beginning of time but have recently come a long way to becoming socially accepted. Ignorance is bliss; or is it? Undoubtedly when speaking about same-sex relationships, it is the gateway to many misconceptions, stereotypes, violence, and many times…show more content…
Some countries are more gay-friendly than others, while yet some are just beginning the transition to acceptance of LGBT people. As the debate over legal recognition of gay and lesbian couples heightens, individual states in the U.S. are considering different types of protection for gay and lesbian couples under the law. They are civil unions, domestic partnerships and same-sex marriage. In most cases, civil unions and domestic partnership laws only offer a fraction of the 1,049 benefits the United States government provides for couples in a heterosexual marriage. Currently in the U.S., only Connecticut and Vermont allow same-sex civil unions. So in order for same sex couples to adopt or becoming a parent to another child they must know the facts and the rights that come with them. They shouldn’t listen to other people telling them that they can’t do anything anymore because they are gay or lesbian. Marriage of same-sex couples is one of the most controversial aspects in our community. Many people look at it as something that goes against some religious beliefs and/or political views. Others, those who are pro GLBT rights, explain that everybody should be treated equally, and that sex orientation, race, or social class should not be taken into consideration when decisions concerning human rights are being studied. The issue of gay marriage is one of the controversies that leave our society searching for the answers. Not only the
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