Same Theme, Different Development in of Virginia Woolf and Alice Walker’s The Legacy and Everyday Use

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In The Legacy, the focus of the heritage was a relic diary of Angela for her husband. Implicitly, we can conclude that the heritage was meant to be recognition of Angela to her husband. While the focus in Everyday Use, the focus of the heritage was the quilts, and in the final story we could see the truth meaning of heritage it can be concluded by the shown of characters’ dialog and mindsets. Even though both have basically the same elements, but the development of the theme itself is very different. Both writers have their own way in building the theme into a work of literatures that can be enjoyed entirety by the reader. From this point, of course, it can be seen that the writers' perspective on “the form of heritage” have some differences, particularly in the story of The Legacy and Everyday Use.
Virgina Woolf, in her writings, tried to combine the heritage theme and love story—that ended tragically. The focus of the heritage—also the key of the story—is the 15 volume of diaries written by Angela—for her husband, Gilbert Clandon. Actually no gift or heritage left expressly for her husband but she may have intended him to have her diaries she kept during their marriage. The writer tried to open Gilbert’s mind and explore Angela’s feelings through the diary…
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