Same-sex Marriage

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in the media, same sex marriage has been widely discussed and debated. Some feel it should be legalized, while others believe that it is a sin and should remain illegal. Their are many pros and cons on both sides of this argument, however there are main points leading to why gay marriage should be legal. Legalizing gay marriage will not harm heterosexual marriages or family values, and society will continue to function normally. This is a true statement, because when two people get married it doesn’t involve anyone else besides the two that are getting married. As Kristen Chenoweth said “I don’t understand what the big deal is with gay marriage. Get over it, people”. Due to the fact that this marriage only impacts the two getting married, it follows that this shouldn’t be a concern to anyone else because it doesn’t impact them. Another reason same sex marriage should be legalized is because of the fact gay marriages can bring financial gain to states and local governments. This is important because with doing this, it means the state is collecting $8 million more in taxes and save more than $100 million in outlays on health care, while the city would collect about $7 million in taxes and fees and experience no impact on outlays (William C. Thompson, Jr., 43). Legalizing same sex marriage would also make it easier for same sex couples to adopt, and providing a stable home for children who would otherwise be left in foster care.

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