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Sammy, a Follower or a Leader John Updike, an excellent author of a short story presents us in A & P, a part of teenager’s life, easy to relate with everyone’s life. The picture, in which John Updike introduce his character, Sammy, as a responsible and mature young man which is working at A & P at the age of nineteen, conflicts with his rebellious actions and a behavior of typical American adolescent who is trying to overcome the growing pain of adolescence in search of individuality in a society in which following standards is mandatory and where talking or showing sexuality is a taboo. Starting from the beginning, John Updike shows us Sammy’s simple life in a small town and a future that is not very promising , with a job in the only…show more content…
They were trying to attract or grab attention from other people they reaching “the meat counter” (Updike 19) and only focusing on what they come to buy a “Kingfish Fancy Herring Snacks in Pure Sour Cream.” (Updike 20) Sammy gives a detailed and intense description of the girls, especially of their leader, named by him Queenie, a nice young and attractive upper class girl, by watching her every move, making his heart beating, accentuating the “fluorescent lights…over checkerboard green-and-cream rubber-tile floor” (Updike 19), and all setting of the store, She kept her eyes moving across the racks, and stopped, and turned so slow it made my stomach rub the inside of my apron, and buzzed to the other two, who kind of huddled against her for relief, and they all three of them went up the cat-and-dog-food-breakfast-cereal-macaroni-rice-raisins-seasonings-spreads-spaghetti-soft drinks- crackers-and cookies aisle. (Updike 18) that you can almost picture us standing there and watching everything happens with our eyes.. By giving us the full description he connects us-the readers- to the story. Seeing the herring jar, Queenie came to buy, Sammy automatic creates a difference of social status among them by telling us ” when my parents have somebody over they get lemonade and if it’s a real racy affair Schlitz in tall glasses with “They’ll Do It Every Time” cartoons stencilled on “ (Updike 20) making him more to be noticed, but in the same time he realizes

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