Sammy Wilk Research Paper

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You may have stumbled upon Sammy Wilk in several photos and music videos of fellow Omaha-born natives and social media superstars, Jack & Jack and Nash Grier, but Sammy’s own career has taken flight over the past few months. With the release of his new single and music video on YouTube, Chase The Day, we thought we’d bring you up to speed on some facts you may not know about Sammy Wilk. He has a new sound. Formerly of the duo Sammy & Skate, Sammy’s music style is transitioning from strictly rap/hip-hop to more laidback songs that integrate an island feel, reflective of his new life in sunny Los Angeles. He personally describes it as hip-hop/pop with a taste of reggae. He’s a founding member of Freshlee Records. Along with Skate (Nate Maloley)
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