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In the story “A&P”, John Updike portrays Sammy as an observant young man lacking excitement in working as a cashier in a small grocery store, the A&P. The mundane, dull community in the A&P that surrounds Sammy challenges him to strive for something different. Sammy wants to experience what lies beyond the A&P. This story showcases a young man blooming into maturity, accepting responsibility and represents the reality of entering adulthood.

It was a typical day at the A&P. Sammy was ringing up a purchase of "one of those cash-register-watchers, a witch" (Updike 15), she acted like she never seen a mistake in her life. It was obvious that Sammy had been distracted by the three girls that came prancing in the store wearing their bathing
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Sammy 's stomach fell, and now he had the feeling of how hard the world would be from here on out.

For the first time, Sammy had a vision of himself. Seeing Lengel in the window made Sammy realize that he didn 't want a dead end monotonous job. He wanted to take risks and chances throughout life. Spontaneity is something Sammy has been searching for in his inner being. Spontaneity opens a door of perception to certain aspects in which Sammy has never seen or experienced before.

Life is a chance. Life is about taking risks and challenging what lies beyond your boundaries. If you didn 't take chances, you would never experience right from wrong or learn from your mistakes.

In other words, you would never experience what lies outside of the box you call life. Sammy is experiencing a transition that will change his life forever. This is what will make Sammy 's life hard from here on out.Sammy is finally confronted with reality. Lengel criticizing and embarrassing the girls for inappropriate attire made him come to the realization that there will always be rules, policies, and guidelines that he has to abide by throughout life. No matter where you work, or where you go, there will always be policies to obey.

Life is about being true to yourself, and following how you truly feel even if there are consequences to follow. Sammy learns a life lesson through the
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