Sammy's Mistake

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In 1st grade, I had a cat named Sammy. He was a nice little cat. He would always be there for us when we were happy or sad or if something happened to us. He did have some bad moments though, either pooping on the carpet or bitting our finger or something else. Sammy though was a nice cat. He even would protect us if someone bad came. Including one night, when and intruder came in, Sammy scared it off when Sammy bit his hand. Then one night when my family and I came home from bowling, we saw Sammy laying down on her side not moving. We next decided to put Sammy on a blanket and brought Sammy upstairs. At that time, I thought Sammy was going to be ok. Then, when it was time for bed, my mom told me to go and sleep in my mom and dads room, and
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