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A review of records indicates Gianna attended preschool at Cohoes Community Center and entered extended day kindergarten (EDK) at Shatekon Elementary School in the Shenendehowa Central School District. Upon arrival, she was administered the (EDK) assessment to measure her kindergarten readiness in reading and mathematics. Results from the assessment revealed that she was able to identify 10 letters and six numerals, count from 1-10, and accurately write her first name. After the second quarter, she attained many age-appropriate skills, such as recognizing and printing letters and numbers, identifying consonant sounds of letters, and using appropriate language to express her ideas. Her teacher commented that she developed many necessary pre-reading skills to make her successful in kindergarten. As a result, Gianna’s EDK services discontinued. Gianna entered kindergarten in September 2012. Although Gianna showed growth with many age-appropriate skills, she was performing below grade level in the areas of reading and writing. She had a good understanding of letters, however, she needed more practice with high frequency words and letter sounds. Furthermore, she struggled with writing. Socially, Gianna…show more content…
Upon arrival, Gianna was administered an early literacy assessment. Results from the assessment revealed Gianna’s Fountas/Pinnell Guided Reading Level was a ‘D, ’ in comparison to her peers reading at a level ‘J.’ In math, her teacher noticed that she showed a “good” understanding of concepts, however when she was given independent work, she had difficulty. In September 2014, Gianna’s second grade teacher requested that she receive Academic Intervention Services (AIS) in math and reading. Consequently, she received remedial reading support by the end of September. She also received remedial math support and speech and language services (K-2 Language Development Program) the beginning of
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