Sample Application For Networking With Docker Container Essay

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#How to Networking with Docker Container As you build your distributed application, services that compose it will need to be able to communicate with each other. These services, running in containers, might be on a single host or on multiple hosts and even across data centers. Therefore container networking is a critical enabler of any Docker-based distributed application. Networking with docker container is very important part in docker. This feature allows users to define their own networks and connect containers to them. You can create a network on a single host or a network that spans across multiple hosts using docker network feature. In this article, we will learn some basic and advance networking tools that you can use on managing Docker Containers. ##Requirements Ubuntu server 14.04 with docker installed on your system. A non-root user account with sudo privilege set up on your server. ##Docker Default Network Docker creates a pair of virtual Ethernet interfaces on each container, randomly assigning them an IP address and a subnet from a private address range not already used by the host system. When you install docker, it creates three networks automatically. You can list these networks by simply running the following command: `sudo docker network ls` You should see the following output: ``` NETWORK ID NAME DRIVER 869479a5b4ce bridge bridge 82f7b88ba977 none null

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