Sample Business Continuity Plan Essay

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MD Health Business Continuity Plan Table of Contents MD Health Business Continuity Plan The purpose of the Business Continuity Plan is to provide a series of defined procedures and protocols to protect MD-Health; to minimize or contain the extent of damage to University facilities and property; to allow communication systems to function in spite of suspension of normal operating conditions; and by and large, to enable the institution to respond in an efficient, well-organized, and safe manner (“Business Continuity”, 2013). The most important thing in the event of mayor incident is to make sure that employees, students and staff are educated about the…show more content…
The probability of a hurricane which impacts the Houston area is high because of its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and previous history. Fire: Fire can result in partial or total loss of data for an extended period. Recovery could be slow because of the extensive damage fires can leave. The probability of fire within a data center can be quite high, based on the high power consumption requirements of modern computing equipment, heat generation and solvents present within the computing environment. Paper supplies within close proximity to the data center provide a ready source of fuel in the event of a fire (“Hurricane Winds at Landfall,” 2013). Smoke: Smoke particles on magnetic media can render it useless. The damage from smoke occurs much faster than damage from the actual fire or water. A relatively small amount of smoke can cause a huge degree of loss in terms of data. It is imperative that smoke be contained to the smallest possible area (“Fire, “ 2013). Floods: In the event of flooding, the sediments and contaminants carried by flood waters can be damaging to paper records, computers and magnetic media. Most of the paper records are stored on the upper floors; however a malfunction or discharge of the sprinkler system on an upper floor could put this data at risk. Leakage from the roof could also cause considerable amounts of water to reach such areas. Terrorist Activity or Sabotage: Physical damage to the data center or other facilities by
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