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Note: This document is intended only for school requirement. There is no “Patisserie Delights” by SIETE ONSE Pastry Shop as described below. The names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses used are invented. The data and studies cited are fictitious.

May 20, 2013

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Table of Contents

I. Title Page and Contents

II. Executive summary a. Objectives b. Vision c. Mission d. Company Summary e. Start-up requirements f. Business Location

III. Business Description

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It is a Home-Based Business placed in a two-storey-house that looks like a commercial type building. The top floor is the owner’s home while the pastry shop is located on the ground floor. As starters, though we don’t yet reached its peak but PD’s will surely move from its home base into malls, hotels and restaurants as said above.

III. Business Description

* Short Explanation of the Industry

PATISSERIE DELIGHTS by Siete Onse, is owned and divided equally by Seven Business Partners. These partners serve as Marketing, Advertising, Finance, Management Officers respectively. Incorporation will be decided later on as investors are secured.

* Description of the Business

PATISSERIE DELIGHTS sells sumptuous, delicious and affordable sweets such as pastries, cakes and cupcakes, perfectly baked with love for all! Customers can dine inside the shop but we are also able to carry out and deliver your pastry orders suited for all occasions.

IV. Product/Service Description

At PD’s we source the finest and freshest ingredients and use them to bring you delicious foods that satisfies your taste buds. We pride ourselves on better quality and always strive to source our ingredients locally.

See below for a selection from our Menu.

Pastries and Cupcakes
Our selection of pastries are made with the finest ingredients. The perfect match with a cup of coffee. Delicious and tasty!

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