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PSYCHIATRIC NURSING MAJOR PLAN OF CARE ASSIGNMENT Guidelines: 1. This assignment is much like a Case Study and is intended to be a comprehensive learning experience that synthesizes essential psychiatric and medical/surgical nursing theory. Your finished product will demonstrate mastery of principles needed for nurses working with mentally impaired patients. 2. It is similar to other Major Plans of Care with face sheet, lab sheets, TACTIS, assessment forms, and etc., but will be different in that it will incorporate elements of care plans you have already done, along with content you will develop using Nurse Squared, our new Electronic Medical Record software that you will be using. After having worked with this software over the summer,…show more content…
Problems 1 - 3 with defining characteristics, expected outcomes, nursing interventions, evaluations of interventions and evaluation of overall goal attainment. (Met, not met, partial/Continue plan/revise). Be sure to use the AAMT format for each problem: A = Assess/ Monitor for problem; A = Actions/Nursing Interventions for problem; M = Medications for problem/why useful/source/See TACTIS; T = Teach what to the patient/family about the problem?/Why? Source. • Reference Sheet • Internet or Professional Article Research and how the info in the article applies to your patient. Nursing Diagnoses to consider: 1. On an acute inpatient psych unit, such as Riverside ETS (MHITF), most patients are there on involuntary holds. This means that they are considered dangerous to self, dangerous to others, or gravely disabled (as a result of a mental disorder). Therefore, the most important nursing diagnoses to prioritize would be High Risk for Violence, (self-directed), or High risk for Violence, (other directed), or Thought
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