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I met with Joe Olivares on March 21st, 2016. The client was referred by Family Services Agency. His wife has reported an increase in alcohol use. When asked about his current drink habits, Mr. Olivares stated that he, “only has 4-5 drinks on the weekend and never during the week”. He later reported to drinking wine each night with dinner. He also reports going to the bar until he blacks out. Additionally, he says that at family events, his drinking increases. He has reported calling in to work to recover from drinking.
The client has expressed a strong interest in getting help for family problems, employment, financial assistance, and counseling. When asked about his preferred cultural identity, he said “Mexican.” Mr. and Mrs. Olivares have two young children. Their extended family lives in Mexico. Mrs. Olivares later disclosed that she is pregnant and she has yet to tell her husband.
When asked about his family, Joe indicated that his mother was “deeply religious.” Joe indicated that his father was also an alcohol. Joe also indicated that he first started drinking with his father after work at the age of 14. Joe says his father was often violent after drinking. Joe recalls his father striking his mother and himself. Mr. Olivares recognized the social competent to his drinking habits. Joe also reports that he has recently been let go from his
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It is my diagnostic opinion that Joe has “severe” Alcohol Use
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