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CHAPTER I The Problem and Its Background

Introduction Advertising communicates and influences people. It encourages, persuades and manipulates the viewers, readers and listeners or even groups. It drives the behavior of consumers’ tastes and desires in choosing particular product and services. Advertising happens in many different ways. But most of the products were advertised on television because of its various senses being practiced. And in that matter the audience will be able to learn and inform more easily. Advertisers use many different techniques to get people to notice there adverts. Some advertisements used the popularity of a person, for example, they tend to hire artist for endorsing products so that viewers will
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For example, television advertise a particular product the viewer/s consumer will have an idea about it and the tendency to buy and the quality of advertisement will excel by the means of how percent of people patronize the products. . In this theory states the benefits of one to another.

Statement of the Problem
This research aimed to assess the implications of selected shampoo advertisements on the buying behavior of AB students of the University of Batangas.
Specifically, the research sought to answer the following questions:
1. What is the profile of the respondents in terms of following:
1.1. age;
1.2. course;
1.3. year level; and
2. What are the shampoo brands bought by the respondents?
3. How often do the respondents buy the shampoo brands?
4. How often are the respondents exposed to television shampoo commercials?
5. To what extent do the shampoo advertisements affect the respondents’ buying behaviour?

Significance of the Study
Today, a large number teenagers and student with various group, gender, educational level are seeing advertisement on various television medium and on habits, living has a broader impact. Thus, the researcher believed that after this study the student will be able to;
a. Recognize how television advertisement affects their social interaction with their group,
b. Educate and gain deeper understanding of advertising consequences and effects,
c. Know the relevance of advertising in shaping the society
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