Sample Concept Paper for Masters Degree

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1.1 Background of the study A study conducted by Hattie (2002) revealed that thirty percent of the variance in performance of students could be accounted for by what the teacher knows, does and cares about. He identified influences on the learner in terms of magnitude and concluded that the teachers’ feedback has the greatest influence on academic performance as compared to other factors. Teachers, in the education world, are considered as significant other in the life of their students and so, whatever their actions just like a parent toward the child, they are taken seriously and consequently have a very big impact in the student’s creation of self-fulfilling prophecies which contribute greatly to their academic self-esteem. Teachers…show more content…
A total of twenty teachers from the chosen schools will participate. The sample size will be derived from the sample size formulae. SS=ZZ×P×(1-P)÷CC Where: Z=Z value (e. g for 95% confidence level) P=Percentage picking a choice, expressed as decimal (0.5 used for sample size needed). C=Confidence interval, expressed as decimal (e.g., 04=+_4) 2.3 Research Instruments The study will employ a close-ended questionnaire as the most convenient instrument for collecting data on the students as it can reach a large number of students who are able to read and write independently (Orodho,2008).In this case, it is reliable to use it on students. For the teachers, an open-ended questionnaire would be employed to ensure as much information as possible is gathered for a comprehensive study. The instruments would be constructed by the researcher. Two different questionnaires subdivided into two sections will be used for the teachers and the students. 2.3.0 Validity To ensure that the instrument is valid, discussions concerning the instrument will be done with the educators and experts in the field of tests and measurements. In addition, guidance from the university supervisor in the department of Educational psychology will be sought to examine the content validity of the questions. In this study, a panel of four judges competent in the area of investigation will be requested to assess the
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