Sample Concept Paper for Masters Degree

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1.1 Background of the study
A study conducted by Hattie (2002) revealed that thirty percent of the variance in performance of students could be accounted for by what the teacher knows, does and cares about. He identified influences on the learner in terms of magnitude and concluded that the teachers’ feedback has the greatest influence on academic performance as compared to other factors. Teachers, in the education world, are considered as significant other in the life of their students and so, whatever their actions just like a parent toward the child, they are taken seriously and consequently have a very big impact in the student’s creation of self-fulfilling prophecies which contribute greatly to their academic self-esteem. Teachers
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1.5 Theoretical Framework
The study will be guided by the following three theories: Abraham’s Hierarchy of Needs theory and hierarchy of knowledge and understanding, Skinner’s motivation theory of learning and Carl Roger’s theory of personality.
1.6 Significance of the study
The findings of this study may be of benefit to the school administrators and teachers to make alterations or to improve on the overall quality of teaching through, changing ways of giving the feedback to learners in the classroom, based on their effectiveness and overall effects on the learners’ academic self-esteem. The changes if instituted may cater for the individual needs of the learners, some who always require reinforcements before they can exert their best in learning.
1.7 Research design
The study will adopt a correlational design because it is appropriate in discovering the relationships between variables and the degree to which the variables relate. Here, the relationship to be determined is whether the academic self-esteem of learners could be linked with and the extent to which it is affected by the teacher’s feedback.
1.8 Variables
The different teacher feedback strategies will be used to predict the academic self esteem of the learners .The independent variable therefore will be the teacher and the dependent will be the academic self-esteem of the learners.
1.9 Location of the study
The study will be conducted in four public schools of Dadaab refugee camps in
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