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Sample Executive Summary For Your Business PlanApril 5, 2011 - 11:14 am

Earlier in Invest Engine Blog we have talked about executive summary contents and how to write executive summary. Using all this information we shall now pass to actually writing an executive summary taking restaurant business plan as an example. Writing executive summaries is among the most important business skills. The majority of investors whom you’ll address with your project will read your executive summary first. And only then will decide whether to proceed with your start up or leave it alone. So let’s get started!

1. Executive Summary Cover
Passing along a naked text is not a good idea. So do provide a cover for your executive summary. The executive summary
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So BBQ-5 will target residents of The Loop district, office workers and tourists.”
Then we briefly describe restaurant’s projected capacity, its specialization and the key competitive advantages (these are also copy-pasted from the business plan):
“The restaurant will specialize in traditional style barbecue meals: smoked pork, veal and fish, steaks and sandwiches. The menu will also include a variety of vegetarian meals and the widest range of sauces. The restaurant’s projected capacity is 340 seats.”
After that you can outline main business objectives of the project showing that you have a clear vision and know your goals. Then write a paragraph about major risks of your project but stay positive providing your solutions right away. Stress the strong sides of your company and the competencies of the team behind the project.
5. Key Business Plan Numbers
By the moment you write executive summary you are supposed to know exactly how much funding you need. So provide the highlights in the form of investment summary table. It puts investment structure vs. investment purposes of your project. So anyone reading your executive summary will understand what you need money for, how much of your own capital you invest and how much is expected from other sources (direct investment, bank loans, start up grants etc.)
Also state how much revenues your project will generate (revenue projections) and of course the payback period of your project –

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