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Covering Letter James Downing Junior, 59 Manchester Crescent, Winchester 2001. Phone: 44(0) 121 132 7861, Fax: 44 (0) 121 132 8350, Email: 10 January 2013. Ms. Rosy Jones, Recruitment Manager, Development+, 15 South Street, Southampton. SO14 0YN Dear Ms. Jones, Re: Research Assistant, Southampton Hoteliers Association I am writing to express my interest in the Student Research Assistant position for Southampton Hoteliers Association. I apply for the job following a job posting listed on the association's website on January 1 this year. I am particularly interested in securing employment with the Division of Marketing at the association since my skills and abilities are well-suited to your internal and external customers. My strong business administration and organizational skills have enabled me to undertake various increasingly challenging roles throughout my school years as a business student. Though I have no work experience, I believe that when given the chance to work with the organization, I can help improve marketing initiatives as well as productivity. I am anxious to work for Southampton Hoteliers Association since I am very compassionate about leisure and hospitality services and in the future, I would like to obtain a career that will allow me to work closely with the community in assisting others with the resources they need. If given the chance to work with the organization, I know I will become more knowledgeable about
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