Sample Cover Letters for Employment Opportunities

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Dear ____ Your recent posting indicates that the University of Saskatchewan is seeking a formal report writer who is "responsible for conducting research and then writing quality formal reports." When I saw the advertisement, I leapt at the opportunity to apply. With a Bachelor of Commerce degree, applicable work experience, and a strong command of written English, I am an ideal candidate for the position. I have worked as a formal report writer as an intern at my current university. The work experience has been valuable, and I have developed the confidence and the skill sets that you are looking for in a University report writer. My writing has been praised as being highly organized and consistent with the needs of my organization. I have good grammar skills already, but I also know how important it is to keep learning and honing my writing skills. I hope to bring these skills, and a positive attitude, to you at the University of Saskatchewan. You suggest that proficiency in the Microsoft Office suite is "an asset," and indeed, I have been working within these software systems for years. Moreover, I understand the fundamental aspects of good report writing including the creation of executive summaries, abstracts, proper citations, and formatting. My educational background has included creative writing, technical writing, and a plethora of liberal arts courses with heavy emphasis on report writing. I have worked as a grant proposal writer for a professor, a position that

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