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During an argument, the suspect (Jospeh Fraizer) followed his wife (Belinda Fraizer) into their bedroom. Once inside Joseph pushed Belinda onto their bed. Joseph began swinging his arms towards her but she was not sure if he was trying to hit her or trying to grab her legs. Since Joseph was unable to grab her, he grabbed one of the bed post and forcefully shook the bed from side to side to prevent Belinda from getting off the bed. Belinda was able to run out of the bedroom and left the residence. Injuries: The victim had complaint of pain and a bruise on her left shin. No other visible injuries. Investigation: On Sunday, May 29 2016 at approximately 1546 hours, Officer Saunders #7720 and I (Officer Guerrero #3310) were dispatched to the…show more content…
Belinda told me she has not been home since Friday morning, but she believed Joseph was possibly home. I provided her with a Domestic Violence Form and I explained to her the resources available to her. I advised Sgt. Crees of the circumstances and advised him that Officer Saunders and I were going to respond to 1890 N. Raymond Ave to located Joseph. If located we were going place Joseph under arrest for PC 273.5-Spousal Abuse. Officer Saunders and I responded to Belinda’s house. Upon our arrival, I knocked on the front door of the house and a male subject opened the door and identified himself as Joseph Fraizer. I told Joseph I need to talk to him and asked him to step outside and he complied. I told him I need to talk to him regarding an incident that occurred on Friday morning involving his wife. Joseph told me his wife was gone on business trip and when she returned home on Thursday night, he was upset on how things were being handled at home. Joseph explained to me that Belinda’s cousin was visiting from out of town and he was staying at their home. Joseph said when he tried talking to Belinda about how he felt about her cousin she got upset and they began to argue. Joseph said after few minutes of arguing, Belinda left the house along with her
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