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Good evening everyone.
Ever since I was a little girl, there was one thing that I dreamed about having when I grew up… My wedding. That was until after I was informed that because of my Filipino ethnicity, I could have a huge party when I turned 18. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m still looking forward to having my wedding, in about 10 years, but today I am more concerned with this amazing party that we are all at right now.

It’s no secret that this party has been absolutely amazing so far. But there are a lot of people, whom without the help or attendance could not have made this night possible.

As many of you know, I have a gigantic family. But unfortunately, distance keeps some of them away from being in my life daily. Which is why I am
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To my 18 Candles and 18 Roses… Thank you for putting up with the fact that I made you all go on an intense search for a white dress and purple accessories or a black suit and purple tie. As I have been told multiple times, it is not easy to find a white dress in December. Regardless of the struggle I may have put you through, thank you for playing such a significant role in tonight’s events. Even though it was just a dance or just a speech, it meant the world to me. You were all chosen to be apart of this night in the way that you were because you are all important to me. Thank you for being here and for making me feel like a princess tonight.

To my little cousins, Andrea and Sierra… Thank you for helping out and handing out the candles and roses. You girls played an important role in tonight’s events too, and looked adorable while doing so.

To Liz… Thank you for making that awesome video just for me. I know you’re not familiar with iMovie and put up a fight creating this video, but it really means a lot that you would take time out of your day to make this. Also, thank you again for getting all the shout-outs and greetings from my favourite celebrities. I know I’ve already expressed by gratitude through screams of excitement when you first showed these to me, but I really am thankful that you would go out of your way just to get these for me.

To my MC’s, Trisha and Chloe… Thank you for emceeing tonight. Even though you girls

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