Sample Detailed Lesson Plan in English for First Year

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Evaluation of learning objects and instruction using learning objects David D. Williams Evaluation is integral to every aspect of designing instruction with learning objects. Evaluation helps in clarifying audiences and their values, identifying needs, considering alternative ways to meet needs (including selecting among various learning objects), conceptualizing a design, developing prototypes and actual instructional units with various combinations of learning objects, implementing and delivering the instruction, managing the learning experience, and improving the evaluation itself. Evaluation must assemble all the standards associated with objects, learners, instructional theories, and other stakeholder values and estimate…show more content…
Learning object use will vary by user, and users' criteria must be included in any evaluation effort. Their interests may or may not overlap with the technical standards discussed in the literature. What to do about that? Other issues. How do those who care about learning objects already evaluate them and instruction using such objects? Should they change? Why or why not? What would it take to change? How can the evaluation process be automated or at least made more scalable? Should it be? What are the implications of doing so? What are the relationships between various evaluation theories and instructional theories that could be used to make sense of learning objects? What difference does it make which evaluation theory is used by a given stakeholder for a given learning object? 4. How to evaluate learning objects? Once the questions regarding audience and their values and criteria are addressed, evaluation methodology is relatively straightforward. The rest of the chapter will examine additional steps to be followed in carrying out an evaluation based on particular audience needs and values. An illustration An illustration of a potential learning object and its evaluation circumstances will be used to organize the discussion around these questions throughout the chapter. The illustration is based on the learning object presented as Figure 1. Insert Figure 1. Pan

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