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Writing emails to employees Dear colleagues, It has recently been brought to my attention that more and more of us come to use the work email address to send personal messages to email addresses outside the company. I would now like to take some time to address this issue, which seems to be generating a negative impact on the productivity of the firm, and therefore the wellbeing of all of us, who depended on the company to do well. The IT department continually monitors the usage of the internet and emails within the firm and has found that an average office worker in the firm sends at least two or three message from their work address to addresses other than those which are related to the firm (excluding customers, business partners and so on). We would like to remind you that the company does not disclose your personal information, but has the right to read the information send from the company emails. In other words, the usage of the work email for personal purposes does not stimulate the privacy of the personal issues. Then, at a strict corporate level, the usage of the work email for personal purposes has also been assessed by the members in the Human Resource Department. They found that the attention span of people engaging in personal activity during work hours is decreased. In other words, the usage of the work email to send personal messages during work hours negatively impacts the focus and performance of the employees. In order to protect both
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