Sample Exercise Program Plan for a 20-Year-Old Pregnant Woman

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Introduction The client is in her late twenties and four months pregnant with her first child. She is concerned about maintaining muscle tone and flexibility so that she can have her baby naturally. She does not express any concerns about managing her weight gain during her pregnancy and, indeed, she is tall and proportionately streamlined. However, she confesses to never having truly engaged in an exercise program since she graduated from college. The considerations we have reviewed and the exercise regime that we have selected for her is outlined below. A review of the client's history did not reveal any health concerns. Specifically, we discussed the following special conditions that could cause us to limit her exercise routine: heart problems, asthma or chronic lung problems, high blood pressure, muscle or joint problems, any persistent bleeding, and / or placental problems. Extreme weight problems either underweight or overweight and a history of problems with previous pregnancies were not a concern for this patient. Since the client did not have an existing exercise program, she was reminded to take it relatively easy, listen to her body, and modify exercises as needed. We also discussed the importance of getting clearance from her attending physician before starting the exercise routine. In addition, we reviewed ways to ensure she was sufficiently hydrated when exercising and what clothing would best contribute to her ability to move freely and yet be

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