Sample Exercise Program Plan for a Diabetic Middle-Aged Man

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Client Background: Male, 40 years old, Type-2 diabetes, 20 pounds overweight, non-smoker. Issue Background: Type II Diabetes, also known as diabetes mellitus, is also called non-insulin-dependent diabetes or adult onset diabetes. It is a medical disorder that, due to a number of factors codependent with the modern world, is characterized by higher than normal blood glucose levels that play havoc with insulin deficiency and resistance. There is no cure, per se, for the disease, although if managed through exercise and diet it usually diminishes (American Diabetes Association, 2009). Intervention: While there is no single effective approach to the disease; a multistage approach in which a combination of counseling, dietary modification, and exercise to be an appropriate response to the issue. Each intervention alone (counseling, diet, or exercise) may be somewhat appropriate, but the combination will prove to be the most efficacious. Previous research shows that exercise for the management of type-2 diabetes, combined with nutritional strategies, when used with culturally appropriate education and training have the best chances for long-term success (Zanuso, 2010). Diet: As noted, it is not sufficient for a patient to undergo just a dietary change and no exercise, or exercise and no dietary change. Client should be counseled to limit and eventually give up sugary drinks like sodas; severely limit candy and processed products, and opt for fresh fruit and vegetables, salads

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