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Genogram Paper
Lawrencia Addo Darko
University of Maryland School of Nursing Genogram Paper From the genogram, the following health problems were identified; Heart Disease, Stroke, Hypertension, Type 1 Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Osteoporosis, Dementia, Depression, Heart Attack and Unknown Disease. Unknown disease is seen prevalent in generations of MEL’s family but cannot be the focus for this paper in the absence of any pathophysiological findings. As a result, I will be focusing on the second most prevalent health problem which is type one diabetes.
Currently, there is not enough data on the pervasiveness of type 1 diabetes and no approximations made for the US population. However, type 1 diabetes affects about 1.25 million Americans (accounting for 5% of people with diabetes) and expected number of 40,000 people will be diagnosed each year in the United States (American Diabetes Association). Mortality statistics related to type 1 diabetes have improved from one out of five mortality rate within twenty years after diagnosis to 3.5% and 7% mortality rate within 20years and 25 years after diagnoses (National Institute of Health). Type 1 diabetes typically occurs in children and young adults, though it can appear at any age. Ten percent to thirteen percent people diagnosed have a first degree relative with type 1 diabetes
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Some of these factors are reported as heredity, environments, and dietary factors. Heredity plays an important part in determining who is likely to develop type 1 diabetes. Certain gene variants that carry instructions for making proteins called human leukocyte antigens (HLAs) on white blood cells are linked to the risk of developing type 1 diabetes. The proteins produced by HLA genes help determine whether the immune system recognizes a cell as part of the body or as foreign material (van Belle TL, Coppieters KT, von Herrath
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