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SARKISIAN CRUISE LINE Assistant Entertainment Director Prepared for: Professor Evelyn Shankus, M.S. Submitted by: Jeremy Olsen Jeremy Hall Carmin Hatch Katelyn Templeton Amy Hargrave Aliesha Salisbury November 28, 2012 TABLE OF CONTENTS History/Organizational Overview # Job Analysis # XX # XX # Job Description # XX # XX # Recruiting Methods # XX # XX # Selection procedure # XX # XX # Interview questions # XX # XX # Performance appraisal system # XX # XX # Plan for compensation and reward # XX # XX # References # History and Organizational Overview Overview The cruise industry is…show more content…
Since the industry is growing, the supply of labor is meeting the demand of the industry, as it has supported a third more jobs, approximately 135,000. Job Analysis Purpose It is our intention to perform a job analysis for Assistant Entertainment Director once every year. This will allow us to keep track of how the job description continues to fit, and whether or not we will need to update the parameters of the job. By analyzing the position once a year we will also be keeping a much more open dialog with the employee, and they will be able to inform us of whether or not we should change the job description in order to better suit the current needs. Through close examination of how the employee is managing his or her tasks we will know what their primary tasks will be, as well as what tasks under their job description do not fit well with what they actually do. Method of analysis: Observation Method Description of Method ▪ The individual who is analyzing the position would observe someone who is performing the daily tasks involved with the position. Reasoning for Choosing Method ▪ This is a highly involved job which one cannot expect to perform with no previous experience. This job demands a high level of communication skills, and it would be inappropriate for an outsider to attempt some of the
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